Whole-Cell Fatty Acid Analysis

Microbial ID has performed fatty acid analysis by gas chromatography for more than 30 years. We are experienced in analyzing fatty acids from almost every type of matrix, including microbes, animal tissue, and marine organisms. For these non-soil samples, we use whole-cell fatty acid (FAME) analysis, which identifies ester-linked, amide-linked (anaerobes), and free fatty acids.

Our fatty acid analysis services include FAME-dir and FAME-ID testing. We use the Sherlock™ Microbial Identification System, the automated peak naming and data analysis system developed by our sister company MIDI, Inc.

  • FAME-dir, or Direct FAME, can characterize novel organisms required for publishing in competitive journals such as the IJSEM. The analysis provides a profile of fatty acid peak structure and relative percentages.
  • FAME-ID can identify more than 1,500 species of bacteria.

We also provide dendrogram services, to determine the relatedness between strains.

DNA Sequencing

DNA sequencing is performed by our sister company MIDI Labs, who offers 16S and 28S gene sequencing.

MIDI Labs has been an industry leader in microbial identification for more than 30 years. They helped to develop the practice of microbial identification based on DNA sequencing — today’s quintessential tool for microbiologists.

MIDI Labs co-developed the first microbial library based on 16S gene sequencing in the early 1990s and currently analyze samples using Sherlock™ DNA Software for Sequencing Data Analysis, developed by our sister company MIDI, Inc.

They are an FDA-registered, ISO 17025:2017 accredited, cGMP-compliant contract laboratory who share our same high standards for reliable answers, fast turnaround times, and outstanding customer service.

To learn more about DNA services, visit MIDI Labs.