Shipping Microbial Cultures for Fatty Acid (FAME) Analysis — USA ONLY

We cannot accept pure cultures from international customers. Please do not send pure cultures if you are outside of the United States.

1. Inoculate pure bacterial cultures onto solid agar and incubate to provide adequate growth.

2. Label each sample with your customer name, sample ID, and the date inoculated.

3. Seal with laboratory film. Package materials to prevent leakage of contents in transportation. Please contact your shipping company if you have any questions concerning the specifics of packaging.

4. Complete the sample submission form and return it to Microbial ID with any bacterial sample. Please retain a hard copy for your records.

5. Make sure your sample submission form mentions Permit# P526P-19-00253, which is required for the “Interstate Movement of Plant Pests.”

6. Ship by priority delivery to:

Microbial ID, Inc.
125 Sandy Drive
Newark, DE 19713
United States of America

(800) 276-8068

Direct FAME Shipping  

Please contact us for more details.


International Customers

Please note that we can accept soil samples, but we CANNOT accept pure cultures. Contact us prior to soil shipment for instructions in regard to our USDA-APHIS permit and proper permit labeling procedures.


All Customers 

Please note that we CANNOT accept Class III pathogens. Please ship all other known or suspected pathogens as mandated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (42, CFR part 72):

No person may knowingly transport or cause to be transported in interstate traffic, directly or indirectly, any material including, but not limited to, diagnostic specimens and biological products which such person reasonably believe may contain an etiologic agent unless such material is packaged to withstand leakage of contents, shocks, pressure changes, and other conditions incident to ordinary handling in transportation.

Also, please note that the CDC has issued a list of specific bacterial species and genera that require additional packaging and shipping requirements. Please check these lists from the CDC (Select Agents and Toxins List) and the American Biological Safety Association before sending samples to Microbial ID, to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

Terms and Conditions

For FAME-ID or FAME-dir customers: Microbial ID requires samples to be pure culture. We are only able to accept samples from the United States of America.

For soil customers: Microbial ID requires all international soils (soils from outside of the United States) to be freeze-dried.

Send samples carefully packed, following the shipping instructions. (Click here for soil samples, or click here for non-soil samples.) Please also enclose the printed sample submission form with sample codes, contact person, and billing information including a PO number or VISA/MC/AmEx card number with name and expiration date.

Turnaround times are highly dependent on the number of samples you submit, as well as your specific project. Please contact Microbial ID for an accurate turnaround time related to your project. Turnaround time begins on the day your samples are received.

Please e-mail any questions to