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Soil Microbial Community and Fatty Acid Analysis

Microbial ID is a fatty acid analysis laboratory with more than 30 years’ experience. Our expertise, cost-effective analysis, and personalized service make us your home for fatty acid analysis and soil microbial testing projects.


Microbial ID has provided fatty acid identification and analysis since 1985. We are experts in soil phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) analysis and soil neutral lipid fatty acid (NLFA) analysis and have analyzed tens of thousands of soil samples from around the world, including those from large multi-year soil surveys.

We are the worldwide reference site for the MIDI Sherlock™ Microbial Identification System, and we co-developed the only method for high-throughput PLFA microbial community analysis recommended by the US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS).

The result is the most reliable and cost-effective soil microbial community analysis and identification services available.

Soil Microbial Community Analysis

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Identification & Analysis Services

We also provide non-soil fatty acid identification
and DNA identification services.


“I have been using Microbial ID’s direct FAME service for a few years now with great results. The team at Microbial ID has worked with me to do custom analyses and has been very attentive to my specific needs. The direct FAME analysis has been crucial in obtaining publication-quality results, and I would highly recommend this service for others.”

David Jackson, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School

“We have used Microbial ID for PLFA analysis for the last six years to analyze soils from around the world — from the Arctic to the Antarctic. We have also used the service to evaluate soil biological quality indicators in many agricultural settings. The service has always been excellent, cost effective, and the data reporting exactly what we need.”

Davey L. Jones, Ph.D., Bangor University, Wales

“I am extremely pleased with the speed, professionalism, and quality of service I have received from Microbial ID. They have always been very communicative regarding the hundreds of samples I have sent them over the past few years, and they have always sent the results to me very quickly and in an easy-to-understand format. They have always been quick to let me know if there are any issues with the samples I have sent them (they notified me of one missing sample out of a batch of 300 I sent them, which I did not realize I had missed!). They also charge an extremely fair price for PLFA analysis, which is greatly appreciated when trying to stretch a research budget.”

Daniel Rath, Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Davis