Packages & Test Codes

Service Description Test Code
Soil Analysis with PLFA PLFA
Direct Fatty Acid Analysis FAME-dir
16S Sequencing Bacteria Seq-bact
28S Sequencing - Fungi/Yeast Seq-fung
Full Gene Sequencing (bacteria only) Full-bact
Fatty Acid Analysis - Bacteria or Yeast FAME-ID
Polyphasic report (FAME & Sequencing) Bacteria Poly-B
Polyphasic report (FAME & Sequencing) Yeast Poly-Y
Microscopy - Filamentous Fungi Genus level Micro-G
Microscopy - Filamentous Fungi Species level Micro-S
Additional Services Test Code
Gram Stain / Biochem / Coag. Test GS
Colonial Morphology Morph
TPC (Total Plate Count) TPC
TPC with serial dilutions TPC-dil
Priority Services  
Next Day (for Sequencing only) Test Code+ND
3 Day (for Sequencing and/or FAME only) Test Code+3d
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