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Shipping Instructions

Shipping Instructions

  1. Inoculate pure bacterial cultures onto solid agar and incubate to provide adequate growth.
  2. Label with customer name, sample ID and date inoculated.
  3. Seal with laboratory film. Package materials to prevent leakage of contents under conditions incident to ordinary handling in tranportation. Please contact your shipping company if you have any questions concerning the specifics of packaging.
    International customers must contact us prior to shipment for instructions.
  4. Complete the sample submission form and return it to Microbial ID with any bacterial sample.  Please retain a hard copy for your personal records.  Note, this form cannot be sent electronically.
  5. Ship by next day delivery to:

    Microbial ID, Inc.
    125 Sandy Drive
    Newark, DE 19713
    (800) 276-8068

International Customers:

Please note that we do not accept live cultures from outside the US. You must contact us prior to shipment for special instructions.

Saturday deliveries:

Microbial ID now accepts sample deliveries for processing on Saturdays. We have added this service in an effort to provide you with quicker turnaround for your most critical samples. Please notify your courier service (FedEx, UPS, etc.) appropriately that you are requesting Saturday delivery. Additional fees apply for weekend priority turnaround. Call for details.

Please note that we cannot accept Class III pathogens. Please ship all other known or suspected pathogens as mandated by The Center for Disease Control (CDC) (42, CFR part 72):

No person may knowingly transport or cause to be transported in interstate traffic, directly or indirectly, any material including, but not limited to, diagnostic specimens and biological products which such person reasonably believe may contain an etiologic agent unless such material is packaged to withstand leakage of contents, shocks, pressure changes, and other conditions incident to ordinary handling in transportation.

Also, note that CDC has issued a list of specific bacterial species and genera that require additional packaging and shipping requirements. This list is published at Please check this list before sending samples to Microbial ID to insure compliance with federal regulations.

Terms and Conditions

Results turnaround in 4 business days for samples that are pure culture and have suitable growth for fatty acid and sequencing. Turnaround time begins on the day samples are received.

Send samples carefully packed, following the shipping instructions. Please also enclose the sample submission form with sample codes, contact person and billing information including a P.O. number or VISA/MC/AmEx card number with name and expiration date. For standard turnaround time, ship samples to arrive next day priority.

For Next Day priority identifications, please contact Microbial ID 24 hours prior to arrival with the shipper and tracking number. Microbial ID requires samples be of pure culture with visible growth on plated media. Samples must be received by 8:00am ET to guarantee a result by 5:00pm ET next business day.

Sample reports will either be faxed or e-mailed upon request, A hard copy will be mailed. Any questions may be sent to