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DNA Sequencing

MicroSeq Microbial Identification System Evaluation Papers

Woo, et al. 2003. Usefulness of the MicroSeq 500 16S Ribosomal DNA-Based Bacterial Identification System for Identification of Clinically Significant Bacterial Isolates with Ambiguous Biochemical Profiles J. Clin. Microbiol. 41:1996-2001.

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Kolbert, C. P. and D. H. Pershing. 1999. Ribosomal DNA sequencing as a tool for identification of bacterial pathogens. C. Opinions in Microbiol. 2:299-305.


Selected Papers using MicroSeq as an Identification Tool

(MID = sequence and/or identification data generated at a Microbial ID-related company)

Levi, M.H., J. Bartell, L.M. Gandolfo, S.C. Mole, S.F. Costa, L.M. Weiss, L.K. Johnson, G. Osterhout, and L.H. Herbst. 2003. Characterization of Mycobacterium montefiorense sp. nov., a novel pathogenic mycobacterium from moray eels. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 41:2147-2152.

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